Russudan Meipariani
რუსუდან მეიფარიანი

about Russudan 

Russudan Meipariani was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. Starting with piano playing quite early, she grew up with classical music and with Georgian polyphonic singing as well. Russudan finished musical college in the 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The civil war ushered in difficult times in Georgia, but for Russudan it meant the beginning of an intense time of diving into music: doing classical piano studies in the conservatory and at the same time exploring her own voice, composing, and developing alternative pop, rock and punk music. As part of a small underground composers group, she heard Stockhausen, Xenakis, Cage and others for the first time.

After finishing her piano studies, she decided to leave the country and follow her sister to Germany, where she started to study composition with Wolfgang Rihm and Sandeep Bhagwati, absorbing a lot of contemporary and world music as well. The next step a year as an exchange student in Oslo. It was a very inspiring year as she became familiar with Scandinavian music and played with Norwegian musicians and lived on an isthmus close to Oslo. After returning to Germany, she wrote a lot of vocal music – with minimalistic instrumentation – exploring the possibilities, timbres and vocal expression in an onomatopoetic way. Most of this music has been released as "Lieder aus einer Insel" ("Songs from an Island").

In 2019 she released her solo album "Night Songs from an Old City" for prepared piano, toy piano and voice. This album is kind of memory of the last years she spend in Tbilisi before moving to Germany.

Russudan always stayed connected to classical music, was a cofounder of the classical Daphioni Piano Trio, and at the same time remained open to and curious about another musical directions and traditions. She was a cofounder of a freak-folk duo Veli Ulevi and the brand new Trio NorgeO (FolkJazzTrio) in 2019.

She has received commissions for different ensembles. 2018 she realized an interdisciplinary collaboration with Giorgi Aleksidze Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet. Music she composed for the famous men’s choir Ensemble Anchiskhati was released as an EP in 2020.

Russudan works as a pianist at the Music Conservatory in Stuttgart, leads a choir and plays in various projects. The recording of a musical fairy tale, recently made by her ensemble, will also be released in 2020.