Russudan Meipariani
რუსუდან მეიფარიანი

Russudan Meipariani Ensemble 
Orpheas Reise (Orphea’s Journey)

Once upon a time ... in 2008, after having listened extensively to Claudio Monteverdi's opera "Orpheo", I had the idea to write a chamber opera ... This fairy tale, inspired by the heroic journey of C.G. Jung, evolved from this, set in the Renaissance atmosphere inspired by Monteverdi: it tells of the journey of a heroine in search of her identity. At the crossroads of the story is her enchantment, according to which she must lead a double life – as a pig by day, and at night in her actual girlish form. Until she can burn the pigskin and set off into the open with like-minded soul mates, her path is full of challenges and encounters: her journey from the world of shadows leads through fear, distress and isolation to the golden field of salvation, where love, light and community welcome her and set her free.

Since its creation, the musical fairy tale has been performed by our ensemble very often in different versions under the name "The Girl on the Wind Wave". After 12 years we are happy to release it as a recording under the name "Orphea’s Journey".

Ensemble: Russudan Meipariani, Natalie Meipariani, Giga Khelaia, David Stuetzel

Russudan Meipariani Ensemble
Beyond the borders

In 2018, Georgia was the Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair – this event served as an impulse for the ethnologist and cultural mediator Ulrike Bohnet and me to realize an interdisciplinary project: we wanted to take stock of origins and homeland, places of origin and places of longing.

"Abroad" translated into Georgian means "beyond the border": this phrase was the starting point for our reflection on the various places that have shaped us differently. Place of origin in the East, the West as a source of longing, now the West as a new home...

My music, in which I set poems by Rati Amaglobeli to music, was transformed into movement by the choreographer Mariam Aleksidze.

Together with Rati Amaglobeli, the Giorgi Aleksidze Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet and our ensemble, we had three performances in southern Germany, in which the different arts merged in an interdisciplinary way.

Since then, the chamber music version of this project has been an integral part of our ensemble. 

Ensemble: Russudan Meipariani, Natalie Meipariani, Giga Khelaia